Why Chose Elevated Fire Safety

Elevatd Fire Safety is 100% NM owned and operated. With our seamless network of full-service fire protection divisions, we can work with regional, and national companies on local levels, and on fire protection projects in facilities across the State of New Mexico and Colorado.


Tony Brasher – CEO

Tony has been in the Life Safety industry for over two decades. He holds multiple licenses and is one of the few fire safety engineers in the western United States. Tony is an entrepreneur and besides owning multiple industry-related companies he has even been a major manufacturer of customer motorcycles. Tony brought together the best team possible for Elevated Fire Safety to become the leading Fire Safety provider as a Veteran and New Mexico Owned company. Customer Service and Transparency is paramount to Tony in his vision for Elevated Fire Safety.

Steve Williams – CFO

Steve has been in the technology and professional service industries for over 40 years. Steve came on board with Elevated Fire Safety in January 2022 as Chief Financial Officer to help in the continuing growth of Elevated and implement technology systems to better service our clients and team. He loves being part of the life safety industry as it is such an important role in our clients’ businesses. Steve works closely with the executive team to prepare for Elevated Fire’s fast growth path.

Mark Andersen – Fire Alarm Division Head

Mark has over 20 years in the fire alarm industry. As a technician he started as an apprentice in service. Starting in the field he was able to learn customer service early on as well as maintaining the operations of fire alarm systems. Mark has held multiple positions such as Lead Tech, Service Manager, Sales, and now Department Manager. Mark loves working with Elevated Fire due to their mission statement and dedication to customer service which is synergistic with his own core values. Mark is constantly recruiting new apprentices to handle the fast-growing needs of Elevated Fire.

Shawn Grogg – Fire Sprinkler Division Head

Shawn has been serving the Fire Sprinkler Industry for over 30 years. Entering the Industry in New England, Shawn has been in New Mexico For over 20 Years and has built relationships with many contractors and business owners over the years. Shawn has been a leader in mentorship of apprentices, including our own Kyle Rogers. He believes future technician training is of utmost importance. With experience in installation, inspection, testing and repair gathered throughout his career, Shawn is truly dedicated to the industry and excited to play a major role at Elevated Fire Safety.

Kyle Rogers – Fire Sprinkler Field Technician

Kyle has been a Fire Sprinkler Fitter for over 15 years. He enjoys doing service, inspections and new construction along with retrofits. This has been Kyle’s passion since learning the trade. Elevated Fire Safety is proud to have Kyle and their senior sprinkler field technician.

Ben Cozart – Fire Alarm Field Technician

Ben has been in the Fire Safety industry for 23 years. He is a licensed Fire Alarm Technician. He likes the industry because because it means something to him to be able to say that his work helps people in so many ways even though they might not see it directly nor understand how. He recently came to Elevated Fire to expand his future and be with a fast-growing company in the industry that concentrates on customer service and making sure their clients are truly safe.

Allister Niiha – Special Hazards Specialist

Allister came to the Fire Industry in 2021. Previously, he was in the restaurant Industry for over 16 years. Allister was introduced to Fire Safety as the kitchen manager of a large national chain steakhouse, when a fire marshall came into the restaurant. He quickly learned the importance of Fire Safety. He worked with another fire safety company as a Fire Alarm apprentice and really loved working with Special Hazards, especially Fire Extinguishers. Allister has been with Elevated since its inception. He assists as a field technician in both Alarm and Spinkler and is in charge of all Special Hazards needs.

Abel Espinosa – Field Assistant

Abel is a new apprentice at Elevated Fire Safety. He works with all the divisions, Fire Sprinkler, Fire Alarm, and Special Hazards. He looks forward to becoming a journeyman and participating in the growth of the company for years to come.


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