In 2020 the US has seen more major forest fires than previous years. Please do your part and help keep fires down, even when Off-roading! A small 2.5lb fire extinguisher in your vehicle, whether personal or work, can help when fires begin. Stay safe and remember to use P.A.S.S. when using extinguishers.

P-ull |A-im at the base of the fire | S-queeze trigger | S-weep left to right

FireWorx Fire Protection enjoy lots of outdoor activities like Off-roading, hot air ballooning, camping, and of course barbecues. These daily, outside of work, activities are still a fire hazard and being prepared is key to an enjoyable day doing what you love to do.

We offer training along with extinguishers for sale to meet the demands of every activity you enjoy. Stay safe and help put out fires!!!!

Who is up for a good time off-roading or ballooning?!!!!!